Top Notch THC

Top Notch The Health Center specializes in dispensing the highest quality medical marijuana possible, to licensed medical marijuana patients in the Clark County Area. We have access to all of the desirable strains on the market, including rare high cannabinoid varieties. Our experienced team provide a superior product, at reasonable prices. We are dedicated to providing high customer and patient satisfaction by providing excellent services and a friendly creative atmosphere.


Global Harmony LLC our parent company, is in compliance with the State of Nevada and Clark County. They use approved software for tracking plants from seed to product.


Top Notch THC is a state licensed dispensary, offering assistance with patient registration, private consultations, secure walk-in, and free delivery services.

Reasonable Prices

When selling our product to other dispensaries or to our own patients, our prices are always competitive. We even have a rewards program.


We are focused on quality. Every step of the process is monitored to insure a safe, secure and clean product for our customers and patients.

Medicine You

TopNotch THC uses state of the art equipment, technology and software to manage the entire operation. We have over 20 strains of Indica and Sativa available to our patients. And with our delivery service all you need to do is open your front door.


Medicinal Marijuana

We offer quality, lab-tested medicine in a wide reange of varieties. Our private consultants will help you choose.



Can't smoke? We offer a wide range of edibles produced locally right here in Las Vegas. If we don't have it, we'll get it.


Card Registration

Getting your Medical Marijuana card is a long process. Come in and see us, or let us know online, and we'll do it for you.



We offer a delivery service and online ordering so you can get your medicine as quickly and secure as possible.

What We Promise

We want you to be our customer for a long, long time. We will always strive to acheive the highest quality and utmost safety for all of our products.

We stand by them 100%.

Quality Product

Provide only the highest quality strains to dispensaries and production facilities

Lab Tested

All medicines will be lab tested and labeled for their most active ingredients

Safe Edibles

Edibles will be supplied by the best edible production facilities in Las Vegas


We will always have a wide variety of paraphernalia, for all of our products


We will be there to assist anyone in need, to gain access to their medication


We strive to make your experience as easy and pleasant as possible

State and County Licensed

Global Harmony has passed a rigorous and complicated application process that has been approved by the county and state. Cultivation and Dispensary licenses have both been acquired. We use state approved software for tracking all of our plants from a seed or small plant, to a fully grown and harvested product.

We Can Help

All of our patients must have a Nevada State Medical Marijuana Card. Visit our page at Patient Cards or drop by the dispensary, and we can get you on your way. We will work with you each step of the way, until the card is in your hand.

Not a Problem

Nevada honors out of state medical marijuana cards. We can help you with that process by streamlining the process for you. We can also provide airport pickup when you visit Las Vegas. Visit Patient Cards for full details.

Trained Staff

All of our staff are trained to listen to your ailments and determine what strain is best for your condition. They can even advise on how hot or long a product needs to be heated in order to release the right chemicals. Visit Patient Cards for full details.

It's Your Medicine

Our customers and patients tell us what they need. We grow high quality strains, that are the most recommended by you. If you are a licensed medical marijuana user and have a special strain, give it to us, and we can grow it for you. Visit Tetra Research for information on contacting us.

Cash or Card

Cash is one way. There will is a kiosk on site where a Credit or ATM card can be used to obtain a voucher in exchange for the product. Because of federal regulations a dispensary can not process credit cards directly to national banks or corporations. All banking activity is performed within the state. Visit Patient Cards for full details.

Our Partners

Global Harmony works closely with the State of Nevada, several medical marijuana hardware and software vendors, and a few local support groups.


It's so nice to see a company like this in Las Vegas, where I can get quality product for my dispensary.

-John Doe/ Owner of Got THC

I felt really safe and comfortable while doing business at The Health Center.

-John Doe/ Customer

It felt good knowing that when I arrived in Las Vegas, I could get my medicine as soon as I got there. More time for my vacation!

-John Doe/ Traveler

Have a question or need a custom product?

If you have any questions about our company, cultivation methods, or dispensary give us a call at 702-418-0420 and we will be more than happy to answer them.